$250 Monthly Social Media Optimization Services

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is more than just likes, follow, or pins. It’s about creating a content loop of distributing content. The key is creating great content and experiences that are worth sharing.

SMO is time consuming, but it is a comprehensive marketing plan that bring continuity from your website to the social market. The initial setup will cost $500 (more or less depending on already existing social media accounts) and from then on it will be  a $250/month for SMO.

Requirements ::

  1. CMS Administrator access (or FTP Access if not using a CMS)
  2. Assigned email @yourdomain.**
  3. Access to Log File Report

Initial Setup ::

  1. Develop website template
  2. If needed, analytic data setup
  3. If needed, create Sitemap
  4. If needed, create RSS feed
  5. Evaluate Log File Reports
  6. Create social network resources (as needed)
    • Facebook Page
    • Twitter Account
    • Google + Account
    • Pinterest Account
    • Linkedin (optional, require access)
    • Additional Social Media (each cost additional $25 monthly)
      • Ning
      • YouTube
      • My Space
      • Foursquare
      • Springpad
      • Flickr
  7. Make an overall report of suggestions and progress.
  8. Create activity spreadsheet

Monday through Friday SMO Activity ::
Saturday and Sunday (additional $100.00 per month)

  1. Each weekday create new website content
  2. Modified your sitemap with the relevant new content.
  3. Re-Submit/Refresh sitemap to search engines
  4. Submit to appropriate social media sources
  5. Report in activity spreadsheet

Monthly SMO Activity and Reporting

  1. Evaluate Log Files
  2. Evaluate analytic
  3. Evaluate social network reports (if available)
  4. Cross referencing alterations with previous versions
  5. Submit Monthly Report to client.

If you are interested, look over a sample of my SMO and Reporting Agreement and look at an SMO example (Moore’s Army Navy). When you are ready submit a tech support request for the $250 Monthly Social Media Optimization (SMO).  I will get back to your ASAP.