Awards and Recognition

Department of State 2004

Award of Appreciation from Under Secretary Tutwiler
Developed a Global Forum for Public Diplomacy.

The forum is being used to collaborate information, resources and communicate from all around the world. This is being accessed from every Embassy and Post.

Foreign Service Institute 2004

Certificate of Appreciation
Basics of Iraqi Arabic

In recognition for outstanding dedication and attention to detail in developing the web interface for “Basics of Iraqi Arabic” under tight deadlines.

Basics of Iraqi Arabic is a training aid designed by the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute to provide personnel with quick access to essential Iraqi Arabic phrases and vocabulary for living and working in Iraq. It specifically helps those heading to Iraq, those whose work is connected to the area, and those who have not had the opportunity for full language and culture training. Basics of Iraqi Arabic is available exclusively from the National Technical Information Service. The CD is divided into 23 categories, ranging from numbers, colors and directions to medical phrases and military and security terms. Each Arabic word or sentence or expression is taught with a transliteration in English, the meaning written in English, an audio recording of it in Iraqi Arabic and the written version of it in Iraqi Arabic. With this method the user achieves a quick introduction to speaking and understanding the language.

Certificate of Appreciation
FSI-Human Resources

 In recognition of outstanding cooperation and technical expertise for development of FSI-Human Recourses web page. The Human Resources web page includes all forms, content management system and employment opportunities.

Foreign Service Institute 2002

Award of Appreciation
Received award from Orientation Training.

Developed a Content Management System to convert large amounts of documentation to a single CD.

The Orientation Training Division is responsible for training future Foreign Service Specialists and Officers.


Other Awards

Received awards for volunteerism, various art shows, philanthropy projects and other personal achievements.