International TableTop Day for the Chequamegon Bay

April 11, 2015 at the Chequamegon Food Co-op
700 Main St West, Ashland, Wisconsin 54806

Hidden throughout the Chequamegon Bay there are board game lovers. We know you are out there!

We all know of the popular game titles Monopoly, Sorry!, Scrabble and Risk. But there is more to board games than Hasbro and Parker Brothers.

Come join us to learn about the different types of board games. We will be playing many games with a focus on three types of games

Cooperative Board Games
In a cooperative board game, players work together in order to achieve a goal, either winning or losing as a group. As the name suggests, cooperative games stress cooperation over competition.

Micro Games
We are familiar with complex, multiple piece games. But there is a trend towards microgames; games that are stripped down to a small set of components and are meant to be played in a matter of minutes.

Solitaire Games
Not all board games need two or more players. Many new board games come with special rules to play solo; these tend to be more challenging and satisfying without a group.