Current Projects

Dr. Jennifer Flo & Grady Podiatry
Web Manager & IT Support
Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Pinterest  / Twitter

Spinning Media
Content Curator
Pinterest / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


Bowling Green State University

BGSU Estimator (Data Entry / Collection, Data Results and Content / Variable Management)
BGSU Firelands Scholarship (Content Management System)

Department of State / Foreign Service Institute

Office of the Registrar
Public Diplomacy
School of Language Studies
Steven Low Library
School of Professional and Area Studies
Language Pages
Multimedia and Library Services
Leadership Management School
Office of Management Training

Social Media and Marketing Package

Moore’s Army Navy

Animated Gifs and Graphic Design

Non Emergency Transportation for Medial Appointments
Five Reasons [static] [animated]
Three Things [foot cramps] [living with]
Toenails Should Be Pink
I love to Jet (Travel Deal Site) [Including: Travel Promotional Posters, HTML Email Templates]

Website Design and Concepts

Dr. Jennifer L Flo (Podiatrist) [previous design]
Wedding Template
Personal Blog (code and design)
Sci-fi Social Group
Highland Management [current design] [redesign concept]
Film Night
Chequamegon Food Cooperative
Ashland Bakery Company
Saron Lutheran Church
Dr. January Moennig (Destist Office)
Immix Wireless (Cell Phone Provider)