Digg Public Radio

By Maria L Gaycheck

If you are a fan of Digg or G4’s “Attack of the Show” with it’s segments of ‘Around the Net’, ‘In the Loop’, ‘The Feed’ and ‘Gadget Pron’ you will enjoy a new show on NPR. That is right NPR, National Public Radio, has a new show called the The Bryant Park Project.

The Bryant Park Project is a 2-hour morning multimedia radio newsmagazine from National Public Radio. The show’s name is derived from Bryant Park in New York, which NPR’s New York studios overlook. While The Bryant Park Project (a.k.a. “The BPP“) was originally a working title, the show debuted with the name intact on October 1, 2007.

I was skeptical for a bit, could NPR pull off a show that would keep interested? Would it pull news not just for the Latte drinking, volvo driving, New York Times-reading individuals, which I am not. I drive a VW Jetta TDI. The BPP does keeps my attention. It really does.

My criticism have been that when a music topic is discussed, it goes on way too long. The producers need to cut it a little short. Oh, another thing…they talk over the music samples! Shut up already. It is very annoying. But other than that, it is getting better and they are finding their niche.

Another great thing The BPP uses twitter and blogging for updates, news and stories that do not make the air. The BPP tweets allows a peak into the NPR world. Their The BPP tweets include not only news items, and follow up stories but you get tibits like this:

What I Made for Dinner 3/27 http://tinyurl.com/2c5273 02:16 PM March 27, 2008 from twitterfeed Icon_star_empty

It seems that, at least The BPP, proves that NPR are full of news and info junkies. NPR, through The The BPP will produce Digg Diggers, G4 watcher, techno savvy, geek lovers, Buffy fans, Browncoats, Jericho protesting, gadget buyers, wifi spotting, bluetooth enabling listeners to the NPR.

Now, get out your credit cards and support your local NPR. I smell a pledge week coming.