Review :: Abyss Web Server

By Maria L Gaycheck

Review :: IIS Killer – Abyss Web Server

After spending money on a new computer I did not see myself spending my hard good money for Microsoft Office Professional just to use IIS. But as a programmer I need to have all resources available to meet my client needs, no matter the code. The most important tool for a web developer is the web server. But I want to cut the chains of any OS dependent, including Linux, Apple and especially Microsoft.

What I look for in a web server:

  • Easy install
  • Programming for everything under the sun (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Database Support (MS SQL, MySql and Oracle)
  • Hosting multiple sites
  • Easy set up
  • Quick easy start up
  • Quick easy stop
  • Log files
  • SSL
  • Security Functions
  • Most importantly not taking up CPU (since it will be used on a laptop)

After researching I found a solution, Abyss Web Server.

First things first…. It works just about any machine:

  • It runs HTTP, HTTPS, PHP, Perl, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, Rebol, and TCL
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Multiple Language Support
  • SSL/TLS Certificates Management
  • All my needs are met

The entire control panel is a wonderful programmed web interface. Everything is just one click away, with it being a simple bookmark I can work on my freelance projects and turn it off when I am done.

As far as running code I find everything I program runs smoothly just as if it was running on their original associated web server. Even my ASP and runs perfectly but without the pesky reliance on Microsoft.

I can connect to my databases including:

  • MS SQL
  • MySql
  • SQL express
  • 10g Express Edition

I wish the stats were more detailed, but as they stand this what you get:

Total Uptime: 	1:23:18:14 Day(s):Hour(s):Minute(s):Second(s)
Uptime since Last Restart: 	0:00:10:03 Day(s):Hour(s):Minute(s):Second(s)
Total Hits: 	1164
Error Hits: 	13
HTML Hits: 	556
Image Hits: 	33
Not Modified Hits: 	528
Transferred Data: 	3837 KB

I would like more detailed log files, or the option to export into an XML or spreadsheet format. The only option is to import the *.log file into my spreadsheet program.

As a freelance programmer I need to have be prepared to program in any code, with any database, and adjust to the client needs. Abyss Web Server is exactly what I need, and did I mention… Free!